Differences Between Portrait, Lifestyle, & Documentary Family Photography

Laura Griffin Documentary Family Photographer & Filmmaker, Ireland

If the thought of researching and booking a family photographer sounds a bit daunting and time consuming, I hear you. There are pages and pages of photographer websites out there to sift through so where do you even start? To help make it a little easier and less time consuming for yourself, it helps if you can answer this one question. Read More

A Balancing Act: Living in the Moment versus Capturing the Memories

Laura Griffin Documentary Family Photographer & Filmmaker, Ireland

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Laura Griffin Documentary Family Photographer & Filmmaker, Ireland

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3 Reasons to Book a Winter Documentary Photography Session.

Laura Griffin Family Photographer, In-home photo session

With the days feeling shorter and the cold weather starting to make its appearance, this time of year might not seem ideal for having your family photos taken. But in many ways it is actually the ideal time to do an in-home winter documentary photography session. Here’s why. 


It gets checked off this years list.

Mom leaning over daughter and kissing her on the forehead.

Have you been thinking about booking a winter documentary photography session for a while but keep pushing it down the list? That’s understandable, life is busy. There are lunches to be made, laundry to be done, sick children to care for. 

But let’s pause for a moment. 

Why did you want to get photos of your family taken in the first place?

Was it so you could have images for you and your children to look back on when they are older? Or maybe your family is just in a really fun stage of life right now that you know is temporary?

Now think about WHEN this idea of doing a session first popped into your head. Was it a few months ago? A year ago? 

How much have your children changed since then?

What fleeting hobbies or infatuations have the kids had that have come and gone? Which mannerisms have changed? What memories since then do you wish you had a photo of?

Unfortunately you can’t change the past and recreate those beautiful moments again. However you can start documenting your family now so you don’t miss anymore!


Winter is a time to reconnect with loved ones.

Dad hugs his daughter while playing a board game

With winter comes holiday gatherings and loads of reconnecting. Winter time means enjoying a meal with extended family. A long overdue catch-up with close friends over coffee. Playing games with your children in the comfort of your home.

These quieter and calmer months of reconnecting with people you care about are wonderful to have images of.


You can have your session indoors or outdoors.

Mom on beach with toddler
Doing an in-home photo session means that if the weather is bad, that’s not a problem. 

Photographing your family in a familiar space allows everyone to relax and be themselves. Snuggling on the couch in front of the fire. Building blanket forts in the living room. Reading books in your favourite nook. All of these little things can be captured while the rain lashes down.

If your family loves to be outdoors and the weather is good, winter can be a lovely time to photograph your kids. Bundled up in warm jackets, fluffy hats and colourful scarves. Strolling along your favourite beach or woodlands in the fresh crisp winter air. There is something about the winter clouds that can be pretty magical.

Son sitting on dads lap next to a large window

Laura Griffin is a documentary-style family photographer and filmmaker based in Ireland. If you are interested in documenting your family’s story either in film or images, you can book your session here. 

Lianna Baby Photo and Film Session in Kerry, Ireland

Laura Griffin, Documentary Family Photographer, Kerry family photographer

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