Laura Griffin, Family photographer, Ireland

I get it. Having someone come into your home and film your family hanging out in the backyard isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And those of you who are interested in having these memories filmed but are still a little hesitant, that’s okay too. Maybe you just got your family photos done and don’t see a need to do a film as well. Or perhaps you still have a few questions about what a family film involves (if that’s the case, shoot me a quick message and I’ll see if I can answer it for you). Here are a few ways to know if a family film is right for you.

(Here’s family film I did recently which will give you a good idea of what a Short & Sweet family film looks like.)

A family film is for you if. . .

You want to remember your children’s voices, laughter & mannerisms.

Photography is powerful in that it can freeze a fleeting moment and tell a story in a single frame. These brief glances and rapid movements are forever captured with a single push of a button. 

But there is something special about video. You are able to record the unique laughter and voices of loved ones that become harder to remember with time. It captures the way toddlers waddle around the yard and pick themselves back up again after stumbling; how they are constantly learning and growing every day. With a film you can re-watch and listen these special moments again and again. 

Baby laying on her stomach sticking her tongue out at the camera while lying next to her mom

You want to capture this special stage in your family’s life.

Life is constantly busy. Whether your day is filled with changing nappies (who knew a baby could poop that much?!), feeding hungry mouths, or being a taxi driver, you have your hands full.

Even though it may be hard to see, especially when you are in the thick of it, you know that this stage in your family life is temporary. In a few years time, these little people who are reaching up to you to be held or are looking to you to make their bumps and bruises go away, will be in a different stage of their development and these little moments will be a distant memory. 

One brother kneeling behind his brother

You want to be in the frame instead of behind the lens.

Rather than you or your partner being the one behind the camera, you all can finally be in the frame together. Setting aside this intentional time where you are all living life together in your own unique way is something quite special. 

Even if you are someone who enjoys filming your family, when your kids look back on the film and photos, they will want to have images and footage that include you.

Mom with her two sons on the trampoline

You want to have a gift that keeps on giving.

My hope is that every family I have the pleasure of working with enjoys the film as soon as they receive it. But I believe it is you 10, 20 or 30 years from now that will appreciate it even more. Your children get to relive a part of their everyday and your grandchildren get to see that you weren’t always a grandparent.  

Dog looking at owner who is out of frame while mother holds her baby on her lap