Laura Griffin family filmmaker and photographer Ireland

This family session with the Folan-Killeen family was unique and such a joy to film in so many different ways. As they live in beautiful Connemara in the west of Ireland. The majority of the time they speak as gaeilge in their home. My Irish begins and ends at “Conas atá tú?”/”How are you?” so this was a lovely challenge to decide what to capture based on their body language, vocal intonations and facial expressions.

As they welcomed me into their lovely home and we settled into the flow of the morning, I could feel the love these parents had for their daughters. Even when there were tears (silly steps getting in the way of a toddler), they would find a way to turn the tears into laughter. Making and eating rolly polly pancakes was wonderfully messy followed by a quick hello to the local cows and some outdoor exploring.

It is these tiny and simple moments that shape this family into who they are; these tender and fleeting moments that are worth cherishing.