If a picture is worth a thousand words, Laura’s work conveys stories. She captured our family and what she produced told little stories of our family life and our kids at their precious ages. Originally, I was hoping for one nice family portrait, a snapshot of the family at a moment in time. What Laura created documented our family life, precious moments and memories.

Galway, Ireland

Summertime Memories

Summer is coming and the pace and routine of life changes for these few warm(ish) months.

Kids get time to recharge (even if you may think they are charged enough!), take a break from their academic and extracurricular routine, and just be kids. 

This summer while you are creating new memories with your loved ones, let’s capture these summer moments that you will want to remember.

Ones that will bring back all the summer feels long after they have passed.

Toddler crying outside
Mom and daughters sitting in their front yard
Girl playing with daisies in her front yard
A few ideas of family summer activities to capture and add to your family’s visual legacy.

The best thing about documentary family photography and film sessions is that you don’t have to schedule or plan anything special. You get to spend intentional time with your kids doing the things you love doing with them during the summer months. 

Maybe you have favourite summer activities that you used to do as a child and now enjoy doing with your children. Or maybe you have new ones that you have started and are unique to your family. 

Around Home
  • Playing in the backyard

  • Baking or cooking tasty treats

  • Organizing and enjoying a tea party

  • Just hanging out

In Nature
  • Exploring your go to trails/walking routes

  • Picnics at your favourite spot

  • Swimming/playing in the sand at your local beach

  • Camping (backyard or in the hills)

Let’s enjoy and capture a snapshot of these fleeting summer memories while we can. 

Learn more about these 3 hour sessions. Packages start at €545.

2023 summer session price guide
Girl standing in her front yard with a daisy chain
So this 2023, let’s start capturing your family summer vibes. 

If you are still a bit unsure, here are some common worries that may be holding you back from booking a session. 

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