Laura Griffin Documentary Family Photographer Ireland, Client Interview, Dublin photographer

Meet 6 year old twins, Faye, Luke and their mom, Louise.

Young girl playing in the backyard with a plastic dinosaur
Boy looking at camera while playing with a dinosaur
Mom baking cupcakes with her two children

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with them and seeing what they get up to on their weekends.  Rather than have me explain how it went, I thought I would ask Louise a few questions and have her share her experience.


I know this was part of a portfolio building session, but what made you interested in having a family photo session with me?

We don’t always remember to capture the daily family life. Even at family events, I forget to take photos so I was delighted to have these moments captured for us.


 How do you think the kids felt while I was photographing them?

They were very at ease.

Did you have any hesitations going into the session? 

I was worried about having a lack of activities and afterwards I thought maybe we should have gone out. 

What did you enjoy most about the session?

I really enjoyed seeing you in action and seeing Faye take such an interest in taking photos too.

Girl looking on her phone while sitting on her bunkbed and her brother doing a headstand.

What differences do you see in having a professional photographer document your life versus you photographing it yourself?

The quality is absolutely amazing. I would never capture photos like it


What were your initial reactions when you viewed the online gallery for the first time?

I was so excited and a bit emotional seeing us through someone else’s eyes.

What is the one image you really love and why?

I love two.

One of myself and Faye smiling at each other and one of me holding Luke in the kitchen with Molly looking on. They just sum up my day 🙂 I have them framed and up already. I love prints.

Mom and daughter looking at each other
Mom hugging her son

What importance do you see in having these displayed in your home?

Absolutely invaluable. What’s the point in having them on a computer where you might see them once a year if even. Having them printed and displayed means seeing them all the time.

What would you say to parents who are on the fence about doing this type of photography session?

You will never ever regret having this session done. You think you are taking nice photos yourself but nothing compares to the professional photos Laura produces.

Would you do another family photography session like this again?

Yes 🙂

Laura Griffin is a documentary family photographer and filmmaker based in Ireland. Feel free to browse more of her photography and film work.