Documentary Family Photography Session

Freezing a moment in time.

Documentary Style Photography Packages

  • A Glimpse of Your Life
  • Pre Session video call
  • Full private online gallery (min. 25 high res images)
  • Two 8x10 matted 5x7 fine art prints
Over the head shot of a baby lying in a crib with her head turned to the side
Who is this for?

This is perfect for those that might be new to family photography sessions and want to get a taster of what it is like. 

It is also ideal for capturing a few hours of a birthday party, grandparents & grandchildren hanging out, favourite family activity or a new addition to the family. 

  • A Chapter of Your Life
  • Pre Session video call
  • Full private online gallery (min. 50 high res images)
  • Personally Engraved Solid Oak Keepsake box with USB stick
  • Ten 5x7 Fine Art Prints
Mother and Father looking at son with a blueberry face
Who is this for?

For families that have a favourite day/weekend routine or want a wider snapshot of their current family life, this is for you.

Having 4 hours together allows for kids (and parents) to relax and get into the flow of the session. It is a lovely chance to capture more real moments of your life. 



Matted image Full shot
Matted print
Matted image close up
The Prints

These are 210gsm velvet matte prints on acid free archival paper which keeps them from fading over time.

The Mat Board

The board is also acid free so it will also keep its colour AND it’s manufactured by Munken Mill in Sweden which is one of the most environmentally-friendly paper mills in the world. So that’s pretty cool.

  • 5x7 Prints with 8x10 Mat
  • 1 print: €35
  • Additional prints €25 ea.
  • 8x10 Prints with 12x16 Mat
  • 1 print: €59
  • Additional prints €41 ea.


Wooden box with engraved name
4x6 prints in wooden box
Engraved wooden USB stick
High Quality Box

Only high quality natural solid oak is used. It’s finished with a natural oil & beeswax bringing nature into your home.

Custom Engraved

You can decide which name you would like engraved on the cover. 

Custom Fit

It fits up to 40 photos with a perfectly sized compartment to keep your USB stick & prints in the right place. 

Matching USB stick

It comes with a matching engraved high quality USB 3.0 flash drive.

*Every box is designed by hand and may appear slightly different than the image due to the different wood grain, stain batch and lighting.

  • The Box
  • €100
  • The Prints
  • 4x6 velvet finish prints start at €3 ea.

The morning went so fast and you are such easy going company that it made it very relaxed. I would definitely recommend and would avail of your service in the future. Thank you so much.

– Trudy & Peter
What I love about documentary family photography.

I have loads of reasons but I’ll try and keep it relatively short. 

Sisters watching their phone to learn new dance moves
They are reminders of our roots.

When the kids have moved out and are on their own life journey, these images can be a visual family history that brings them back to their cultural roots and family heritage. They can be reminded of the food that filled their home, their clothes that were trendy at the time, the social media fads that were doing the rounds. Rather than learning dance moves from TikTok, my sister and I would pop in the VHS and work on our swing dancing moves (which weren’t good…).

A woman surprised and with a tear in her eye
They make you feel. 

For me it is about creating images that capture moments that are unique to your family. Images that will bring a special memory and move you.

Boy looking up at mom while she reads a book
We get to see the little moments.

While it is important to capture the big celebrations and significant events, I find that it can often be the quieter moments that show connection or a raw emotion that are the most memorable. I love capturing those little glances that kids often give their parents or siblings, or the when they go off playing on their own and seeing where their imagination takes them.  

Daughter sitting on dads lap and playing with his shirt buttons
They are good for those long, hard days.

You know those tough times when you feel like you keep giving with little thanks in return? My hope is that these images will act as little reminders of how much you are genuinely loved even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

These images are also a beautiful way to show the children as they get older how much they were and are loved. 

This is YOUR unique story.

Every family has their mix of chaos and mundane, joys and struggles. Capturing the rawness and real moments of your unique family and what family life looks like for you is something that is worth remembering.

Even though these images may be insignificant to others, they are significant to you. 

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