Laura Griffin, Family filmmaker and family documentary photographer, Ireland 

There is no denying that family photos are extremely valuable. Unlike family video clips, they can be printed (yes, these images don’t have to live indefinitely on your computer) and hung on the stairwell or in a keepsake book. Having images is a great way to pause that moment when a glance you might not even be aware of is happening.  

Mom reading to a boy on the couch while he looks up at her

Family films can elevate these special moments even more and ensure you have a living record of your unique voices and mannerisms which quickly come and go, especially with the little ones! Here are a few quick examples comparing a photo with video taken from the same scene. 

—– Post Breakfast Reading Time —–

—– Discovering Animals —–

Dad pointing at an animal in a book with his son on his lap

—– Feeding Time —–

A mom reflected in a mirror while she holds her baby

There is so much beauty that can be seen in these everyday moments and movements if we just take the time to slow down and enjoy them before they disappear.