Grandparent Film Interview


15 min. video


I had the pleasure of spending half of the day photographing Debi, her partner and her three daughters. The other half of the day, I filmed the girls hanging out with their grandparents who live down the road. Such a pleasure and joy. 

Watch a 5 minute interview where I chat to Deb, Niall and the girls about the grandparents film. 

(Little excerpts from the film are scattered throughout 🙂

Family Photography Interview

Debi kindly agreed to be interviewed where we chatted about what value she sees in having had the photography session, something that surprised her about the experience, and what it was like to have her grandmother’s piano photographed. 

Here is the full interview below including images from her session. Enjoy!

Length: 15 min.

Time stamps if you just want to skip to a section.

00:21 Introduction

01:13 Her reason for booking the session.

02:19 Pre session | How she felt prior to the session.

04:05 Session | What it was having me photograph them in their home.

06:24 Post | The value of photographing her older children. 

07:47 What she did/didn’t enjoy about the session.

09:51 The importance of having the session in her family home. 

11:38 Photographing her grandmother’s piano. 

12:54 The difference she sees between taking photos herself versus working with a professional. 

Visit here to watch the full film, Afternoon with the Grandparents. 

If you don’t have 15 minutes, here are a few excerpts from the interview. 

Me: Can you tell me a little bit about your family and introduce them?

Debi: Sure. There’s five of us and we have 3 girls. So myself, my partner Niall and we have Madeline, Elise and Cara. So they are 11, 8 and 2. Very different ages and very busy girls!

Me: Did you have any hesitations when you were thinking about booking this photography session?

Debi: I guess after having a third I realised how fast time goes…We knew we needed to capture them in a certain time and we wanted to get the baby when she was small and to get her sisters playing with her because they change so quickly. But with three we were busy and it was hard to book things and get things done. 

It was kind of like a tickbox exercise that I just needed to get this booked in before time goes too fast. So that’s what initially made me do it. 

Me: How did you guys feel while I was there?

Debi: Yeah, it’s not a big house so there’s nowhere to hide. With a few kids around you have no choice but to get into your routine. Everyone needs to be fed and washed and the whole lot so it was lovely. It was in no way intrusive. 

Me: What did you enjoy most about the session?

Debi: It was a little glimpse into our life at that time coming out of a pandemic with having gotten three little people through it and having had our third during it. And I’m very appreciative that we got to capture it.  So when I look back on them you know you just want to instantly rewind and bring the kids back to that age. But that’s a lovely thing to be able to say to.