Lianna Baby Photo and Film Session in Kerry, Ireland

Laura Griffin, Documentary Family Photographer, Kerry family photographer

This was such a special session.

I’ve known this couple for a good few years now and I have to say, it was truly such a joy to photograph and film them as they start this new stage of their life with baby Lianna.Read More

Is a Family Film Right for You?

Laura Griffin, Family photographer, Ireland

I get it. Having someone come into your home and film your family hanging out in the backyard isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Read More

5 Creative Filming Tips to Record Your Family

Laura Griffin, Family photographer, Ireland, Photography Tips, 

Whether you have been filming your family for years now or are brand new to it, these 5 creative filming tips will help you step up your phone/DSLR filmmaking skills. Read More

5 Reasons to Film the Small Family Moments

Laura Griffin, Family photographer, Galway, Ireland

It is natural to pull out the phone to take photos & videos at the big events; the birthdays, graduations, holidays. Read More

Folan-Killeen Family Photo & Film Session Galway, Ireland

Laura Griffin family filmmaker and photographer Ireland

This family session with the Folan-Killeen family was unique and such a joy to film in so many different ways. Read More

Old Family Video Clips I Treasure 30+ Years Later

Laura Griffin, Family filmmaker, Ireland

What is your favourite childhood images or old family video clips that you have? That one image or video you would grab and take with you to a desert island. Read More

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