Laura Griffin, New Mexico family photographer and filmmaker.

This Sunday morning film and photography session was filled with making pancakes (with plenty of blueberries), reading time (intertwined with a bit of singing and dancing), and some backyard activities.

When the Arendsen family told me they had a 3 year old, an 18 month old and 3 month old twins, I knew there were going to be so many wonderful fleeting moments and expressions that would be lovely to capture in this busy home.

I hope I captured a glimpse of mom and dad’s love and patience and the joy and imagination of the two eldest. And the early bonds and uniqueness of the twins. 

 I would highly recommend this type of video experience. We were incredibly surprised at how unique and precious this memory turned out to be. You were only here for a morning, yet you captured so much of our everyday lives. A huge perk of this experience is having all family members in the picture. How great to see us all living life together, rather than having one of us behind the camera.
You are an incredibly easy person to have around, this type of work suits you so well! Your artistic eye is amazing.  We will treasure this video!