Hi, I’m Laura.

With a press of a button (or tap of a finger), we can create a single image or video clip that can be filled with reminders of where we come from and the people, places and values that have shaped us into who we are.

These family photographs are excerpts of our lives, and when put together give us a visual history of those we have grown with, have loved and have lost.

Your family story is unlike any other, filled with your real moments of sadness, joy, and love. While images of these moments may seem insignificant to someone else, they hold value and meaning to you and that is what matters.

Why I do this.

I am fascinated by the relationships we have with our loved ones, how they change & evolve over time, what they teach us about ourselves, and the value they have when reflecting on them years later.

Some of my favourite people to capture on camera are newborns & young children as this is such a short & uninhibited period in life. These little people express exactly how they feel and what they are thinking (for better or worse). They are learning to understand their world through mimicking us & observing their surroundings while we in turn learn so much through them.

Being able to film & photograph these relationships & moments in a familiar & relaxed environment is a wonderful gift I love being able to give to families.

Mom kissing daughters head
Adopted baby meets family for the first time
More of the “Why”…

A few years ago I made a short personal documentary which included bits of VHS-C home footage, much of which I hadn’t seen before. I have to say, there is something truly special about going back in time and revisiting our old blue home, hearing the voices of the younger version of mom & dad, seeing pets that have long since passed away, and trips that my memory fails to remember. Unfortunately there aren’t any clips that include our entire family.


In Between Lands (2021) Short Doc

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