Laura Griffin, Family photographer, Galway, Ireland

It is natural to pull out the phone to take photos & videos at the big events; the birthdays, graduations, holidays. But in 5, 10, 15 years from now, what everyday moments would you like to relive? Maybe it’s the sound your newborn used to make as they slowly woke up or when they were rolling on the ground every which way trying to figure out which limb goes where. Here are a few reasons why you’ll be glad you slowed down and started filming the small family moments that are important to you.

It makes you more present.

You know those days (or maybe even weeks or months), that blur into one another? You start each day running on the few hours of sleep you were able to get and before you know it, it’s time to put the kids to bed. But when you take a moment to film them dancing to their favourite song or happily playing by themselves or with their toy that they can’t go anywhere without; whatever those moments are for you that make you smile; you get to slow down time and enjoy being with your child. 

It’s a gift for you to enjoy now & in the future.

When your kids have left the nest and started their own journey, these clips will not only bring you joy to look back on. They will also be a reminder of the beauty and laughter that happened amongst the chaos during that stage of your life. Your children will have something to look back on as well and possibly even share with their own children someday. 

Loved ones far away can enjoy watching them grow. 

It can be hard being a long-distance family member. Yes, you can catch up with your niece or grandson during the big gatherings, but you miss so much of their small everyday quirks where you get to see different sides of their personality. It’s fun to see photos of their first day of school and birthday celebrations. But when you share little clips of your child telling a joke or filling you in on the drama of their day, your family members get an opportunity to grow with them even though they may be far away. 

We are human and forget the small things.

Years from now it may be difficult to remember the small details. Things like the sweet laughter of your child or the words that were tricky for them to pronounce. Taking the time today to film life’s random scenes ensures you will be able to rediscover long lost memories that you may have forgotten and that always bring a smile.  

It’s a piece of your family history. 

When you look back on old films and photos of your childhood, what does it say about the time you grew up in? What activities were you allowed or not allowed to do? What clothes were you rocking? Now, this is your time to document and capture a piece of your family’s history for your children to look back on. Maybe it’s them talking to Alexa, dancing to “Baby Shark” or loving anything and everything that has a unicorn on it. 

I know you are busy. You have a lot of plates spinning, and when you aren’t being a taxi driver, you are being a chef, a housecleaner, a doctor, a partner and filling about a dozen other roles. You are pretty amazing. So allow yourself time to cherish these little moments that made you smile.