Laura Griffin, Galway Family Photographer, Ireland, Photo ideas

I don’t know about you but I often find that lately the days seem to roll into one another. Take for example last week Wednesday. For the whole day I was convinced it was Thursday and I’m pretty sure I still think I’m in September (apparently it’s mid November…).

It can be a slippery slope when this starts happening and days quickly pass by. There are definitely phases that I go through when the only time I take out my camera for non work related photos is when I’m out somewhere away from the house or when a special occasion calls for it. So I find I need to remind myself that the seemingly mundane days that fly by are sprinkled with beautiful everyday moments. I just need to look for them.

If you are like me and sometimes fall into a rut but would like to start capturing more of your every day family moments, here are a few ideas that might get your creative juices flowing. These are things that I often think about when I’m shooting my family sessions so hopefully they will help you too!


Capture this stage of family life.

Because it is temporary.

Kids grow up and change so quickly. These moments when they look to you for help when getting dressed will slowly start being replaced with, “I can do it myself.” Or the number of times they want to climb onto your lap in search of a comforting hug unfortunately won’t last forever.

What do you love about this current stage of your family life? Bedtime stories? Bath time? Game night?


Current Interests

Here today. Gone tomorrow.

Favourite toys, bed time stories, songs, and interests that kids have seem to change rather quickly (or stick around for far too long). You know those times when you are rushing around trying to get everyone out the door but someone becomes completely disheveled because they don’t have their *insert their favourite toy here*.

Make sure at some point to photograph them with that toy/blanket/object.

If you have older children, what activities or interests do they spend a majority of their spare time doing?

For this family, sports played a large role in their everyday/weekend schedule. During this session I would often find the older girls watching TikTok videos and learning new dance routines together. How much fun will it be for them to look back on these images in 10, 15 years time and remember TikTok. For me, I remember my sister and I would put in a VHS in our living room and try and learn swing dancing. My how the times have changed.  


Look for those special relationships.

Especially between siblings.


Being the youngest of 4, I know that relationships with brothers and sisters are ones that often ebb and flow. (Or maybe they are more like tornadoes at times!) One moment there are tears of laughter and the next, tears of frustration. In those moments of calmness, if you look for it you can often see little kind gestures and mannerisms that are happening all around you. A protective eye over a younger sibling. A loving arm around an older sibling. 

What small bonding gestures do you see happening in your home between siblings or a parent & child?


Find their uniqueness

What makes them ... them?

Each child has something about them that makes them uniquely special. Maybe it’s the way they try and make people around them smile. Or the way they hug you. Or the latest position they like watching TV in.

What mannerisms or activities do they love doing that display their unique personality. 


Don't forget the furry family members.

Because they are pretty great.

Let us not forget about these guys!  For those of you who grew up with pets you know how special (and how much responsibility!) they can be. Not only can they (sometimes) be good guard dogs, but they are also wonderful playmates and for many, best friends. What pets did you grow up with? What did you love about them? Do you have any photos that show that?

What are some things you love about your current pet and the special place they have in your family home?

Hopefully these tips will help you look for moments that are often easily blended into the next. That when you look back on this stage of your family life in years to come, you will have these images of to remind you of how much everyone has grown and changed. The beauty and the chaos of it all.