A selection of images from Jan – March ’24.
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This is my second year of attempting to take a photo every day and I still find it tricky. My day to day life is pretty mundane, which is what makes this project so good for me and challenging. While I can often see the interesting moments and compositions in other peoples daily lives, it’s hard to see that within my own. So, while I’m out walking or making a cuppa, I find myself asking what new observations can I make in this very familiar setting? Is there a new perspective I can photograph this scene from? How does this moment make me feel and how can I capture that?

Here are some of the results.

Dog wearing a sweater lying on the floor
Man with two dogs sleeping on him
Walking in snow
Man reading a book at a restaurant table
Frost on a window
banna beach water
Birds in the sky
Swan with water coming from mouth
Jack russell looking up at a biscuit
Two men looking at their cellphone
People moving a piano on a lift truck
Dog running through the snow
Cat sitting on a chair with her paws tucked
Man sanding door
Airplane reflection of a girl watching tv
Car lights blurred by the rain
Daffodils covered in snow
two jack russells looking at each other
Above shot of tea
Man on horseback