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Based in the West of Ireland | Available to travel throughout Ireland, Michigan and New Mexico.

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Whether you are looking for a family photographer or just having a browse, you are very welcome here
I know your time is valuable so thank you for sharing some of it with me.

I know it can be hard work finding the time to scroll through websites searching for a family photographer that fits your style, price range, and location. I’ll guide you through the what and whys of my work & approach. 

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A huge perk of this experience is having all family members in the picture. How great to see us all living life together, rather than having one of us behind the camera.”

-Kelly, mom of a 3 y.o, 1.5 y.o and 3 mo. old twins.

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My approach to both my family photos and films is a story telling or documentary style.

What exactly is a documentary style session?

Basically, there’s no posing. No direction. Just unembellished, honest moments of you and your family just as you are. 

I look to capture images that show connection, unique personalities and the ebbs and flows in your everyday family life. What, when, how you do things is completely up to you. You don’t have to organize a coordinated wardrobe, clean your house or even worry if your kids misbehave. I am there do document your real moments. Unless you signal to me you don’t want me to capture something, I hope to document your family and all the beauty and chaos that it includes.

All you have to do is just be, well, you.

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5 min read | Differences between Portrait vs Lifestyle vs Documentary

Why get images of your every day life?

While images of birthdays, communions, and big milestones are always lovely to photograph, a lot of childhood is filled with routines. Morning and bedtime routines. Playtime in the backyard. School and extracurricular activities. Taxi runs. And, while it may be hard to see when you are in the middle of it all, these seemingly mundane activities are filled with little MOMENTS OF CONNECTION.

Fleeting glances that are exchanged or ways that they mimic you because YOU ARE THEIR WORLD. Moments they turn to you to be comforted because you have the hug or kiss that can cure their pain.

And these beautiful everyday moments that are happening in your life right now are worth capturing.

I want to create images that show your children how you loved them and how they loved you in big and small ways.
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