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Hi!I’m Laura Griffin.

Birthdays, holidays, 1sts. These are often the moments that smiles suddenly appear, phones are pulled out and cameras click away. But when was the last time you captured your child’s laughter or your parents hugging their grandchild? These moments may not be momentous at the time but they are equally meaningful. 
My name is Laura Griffin and I creatively and mindfully capture a glimpse of your unique family story through film. Together, we cut out a sliver of time from your busy schedule and create intentional space for your family to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. As you connect in the here and now, these captured memories will serve as a gift reconnecting you in the years to come.
Laura Griffin

This is for you if:

  • You love candid style photos and videos. 

  • You want a high quality, creative film that is unique to your family.

  • You want something new and different that you can share with your loved ones.

  • You have loads of videos on your phone but would love one cohesive film. 

  • You want to pause, just for a moment, and capture this stage of your family’s life.


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The Folan-Killeen Family


We were so impressed by the attention to detail in the video.  The angles, sound, close ups, etc… left us feeling all the emotions as we watched.  We will treasure this video!

The Arendsen Family | USA


The video has so many small details that you would miss in a photo album. Laura captured and edited a beautiful film of our family. Her attention to detail and eye for angles was exceptional.

The Eaton-Evans Family | IRELAND


We were so awkward at the start of filming but Laura made us feel so comfortable and we were thrilled with the video she produced. Looking forward to getting her to video us again in the future with our new baby. 

The Jordan Family | IRELAND

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